Tips for Responding to Hate Comments on Your YouTube Video

Tips For Responding To Hate Comments On Your Youtube Video

Irrespective of how successful your YouTube channel becomes, you can never escape hate comments. Quite simply, no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. Some users may genuinely dislike your content and leave hateful comments across your videos, while others may simply be trolls on YouTube.
For content creators whose videos are a result of putting in every inch of their hearts and souls, such comments can be difficult to deal with. If you’re one of them, you might be tempted to get one over the people who flood your videos’ comments sections with hate. However, in this article, we’re here to tell you that doing that isn’t a good idea. So, if you’ve been getting a lot of hate comments on your YouTube videos, read on as we take you through the top tips to respond to them.

1. Admit to your mistake if that’s what a hate comment accuses you of

Sometimes, users may write negative comments because of a mistake you made in your videos. For instance, a user may call you out in the comments section because your video contains misinformation. In such a scenario, it’s best to remain humble and apologize to the user for your mistake, and promise that you’ll never make the same mistake again. This dignified response will make you come across as a content creator who owns up to mistakes and vows to steer clear of them in the future.

2. Don’t delete hate comments

For YouTubers who have to deal with hate in their comments sections on a regular basis, things can get tedious very fast. Some YouTubers turn to deleting negative comments or deactivating comments altogether. While this can seem like a quick fix, we recommend steering clear of it, as deleting/deactivating comments will give the haters even more reason to hate you. Instead, let the hate comments stay on your videos. Remember, it isn’t compulsory to reply to every comment, and in some cases, hate comments are best left ignored.

3. Rely on your sense of humor

Negative comments, when initiated by trolls, have only one purpose – to rile you. Quite simply, if you react aggressively to a troll’s negative comment, you’re only feeding the troll. Instead, it’s best to deal with trolls through the smart use of your sense of humor. Believe us when we say this – nothing works quite like humor in terms of diffusing a tense situation. It can take your audience’s attention away from the hate and towards your witty and humorous replies.

4. Block users who refuse to stop hating on you for no reason

You can put all the tips we’ve mentioned so far into practice. However, if there are users whose hateful behavior towards you and your channel doesn’t stop despite your best efforts, there’s only one thing left to do – block them. Blocking a user is fairly simple, and you need to follow these steps to permanently block someone from viewing and/or commenting on your content:

  • Visit the user’s profile and open the ‘About’ tab.
  • In the ‘About’ tab, you should be able to see a flag icon with a drop-down menu. Click on it.
  • From the options in the drop-down menu, choose ‘Block user’.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ when you are prompted with the question ‘Are you sure you want to block this user?’


So, there you have it – four of the most effective tips for responding to YouTube hate comments. Before we say goodbye, we’d like to talk about GoViral – a software tool for new content creators to grow their channels with free YouTube subscribers. You can also get free YouTube comments, free YouTube views, and free YouTube likes on

Tips for Responding to Hate Comments on Your YouTube Video by GoViral Writing Team,

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