The Best Content Ideas for YouTube Gaming Channels to Grow

The Best Content Ideas For Youtube Gaming Channels To Grow

If you’ve just started a gaming channel on YouTube, you might be wondering how you can grow the channel. While there are tools you can use to gain free YouTube views, likes, and subscribers, you should primarily focus on growing your channel in an organic manner. In this post, we’ll take you through some content ideas that you can adopt for the long-term success of your gaming channel. So, let’s get started!

1. Review all the games you play

People are always on the lookout for game reviews, as they tend to base their buying decisions around how good or bad the games are. While there are already several gaming channels on YouTube that do game reviews, it’s probably never going to be too late for you to start reviewing all the games you play. For example, popular gaming channel Gameranx offers its own take on game reviews through a series called ‘Before You Buy’. The trick is to make the reviews unique and not copy other YouTubers’ reviewing styles.

2. Create tips and tricks videos

If you’ve finished a game, creating a tips and tricks video makes for a great idea. These videos are great for beginners who are only getting started on their respective gaming journeys. Again, you’ve got to be unique with your presentation of these videos, as there are already many channels who create tips and tricks videos.

3. Do playthroughs

Playthroughs are probably among the toughest gaming videos that you can create. They are incredibly time-consuming, and if the game you’re playing is tough and long, you may have to overcome several in-game deaths to finish it. However, in terms of views on YouTube, playthrough videos are quite rewarding. So, if you’ve got the time and good gaming skills, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider creating playthrough videos.

4. Use YouTube Live

YouTube’s live streaming feature allows you to connect with your audience in real-time. This is a great way for you to show off your gaming skills and engage with audiences. You can also use the live chat feature to invite viewers to ask you questions. In the long run, doing regular live videos will build up an emotional connect between you and your audience.

5. Give gaming news a go

You don’t have to be a professional journalist to present news. As long as you present the latest gaming news to your audience in your own unique voice, it should work. To create high-quality gaming news videos, you’ll have to follow a few major gaming news websites. You could create weekly or monthly gaming news videos that feature all the latest information about upcoming games and gaming hardware.

6. Create comedy videos

This one’s a bit tough, but worth the effort if you’ve got a good sense of humor. All games have glitches, and if you can record all the glitches and make videos out of them all, it can be quite entertaining. For example, Videogamedunkey is a popular gaming channel on YouTube that combines critique with comedy.

7. Collaborate

On YouTube, collaboration can work wonders. So, from time to time, approach other gaming YouTubers to do collaboration videos. Collaborating with other YouTubers will help you out in terms of exposure to brand new audiences.

8. Go beyond YouTube

Your work outside YouTube matters too. For example, you could have a gaming blog for audiences who enjoy reading. All you need to do in this case is to link back to your YouTube channel on the blog. You could also try platforms like Twitch, which have become successful places for gamers to build new audiences.

If growing your YouTube channel at the beginning feels too challenging initially, don’t give up. GoViral is a tool through which you can gain free views, subscribers, likes, and comments to kickstart your YouTube gaming career.

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