How To Use Hashtags Smartly On Your YouTube Channel

How To Use Hashtags Smartly On Your YouTube Channel

You may have used hashtags on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These sites use hashtags to categorize posts, and the users can use the hashtags to search for content. When you use hashtags on Instagram or Facebook, people who are interested in your category will be able to see your post in their feed. It allows you to increase your audience and post engagement.

Similarly, you can use YouTube hashtags to get views and reach a wider audience. You can also use popular YouTube hashtags to get more subscribers on your channel.

Benefits of using hashtags on YouTube

Hashtags can help users understand what your video is about. They are similar to SEO keywords used in written content to rank higher in a Google search. Your video will show up on users’ timelines based on the hashtags you use. For example, if your channel has content about finance, you can use #finance to reach people interested in the same niche.
The audience can then interact with your channel through views, likes, comments, and by subscribing to the channel. It can help you generate revenue through monetization once your channel has sufficient followers and views.

Where to use hashtags on YouTube

You can add relevant hashtags to either the title of the video, the description, or both. Here’s how each one works:

  • The title: adding hashtags to the title can help your video show up in user searches. For example, if your videos are about beauty tips and you use #beautytips in the title. When a user searches for the hashtag on the platform, all your videos that have the hashtag in the title will show up in their search results. Remember to add SEO keywords in the title, though, and don’t exchange them for hashtags.
  • The description: adding hashtags to the description works the same way as adding it to the title. You can add them at the very end of the description and YouTube uses the top three tags to display them at the top of your video. Users can click on the hashtags to search for similar videos.

5 YouTube hashtag best practices

Follow these tips to use hashtags for YouTube subscribers effectively:

  1. Do your research and find the right hashtags for your channel. Using overly generic hashtags can lead users away from your video.
  2. Know what is trending and try to work that into your YouTube marketing strategy, but be mindful of staying on brand. Using a hashtag just because it’s trending on an unrelated video will have the wrong effect.
  3. Use relevant hashtags and don’t overdo it! Limit your hashtags to 3-5 for each video to describe the subject and your brand. You can add a couple to the title and a couple more to the description. Remember that YouTube has a limit of 15 tags and if you use more than 15, it ignores ALL the hashtags used.
  4. Create a brand hashtag. For example, the channel ‘Bright Side’ uses #brightside. It allows users to use the same hashtag to promote the channel in other social media posts.
  5. Run a hashtag search before using them in your videos to ensure they don’t lead to unrelated or spammy videos. You don’t want your video to show up in a search that leads to irrelevant or spammy content.


If you do your research and use hashtags smartly on YouTube videos, you can grow your audience effectively.

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