How to Select the Perfect Music Background for Your YouTube Video?

How To Select The Perfect Music Background For Your Youtube Video?

When people think of videos, they mostly think about visuals. However, the truth is that videos aren’t only about visuals – the audio plays a huge role in making videos engaging as well. The best YouTubers in the business use background music that perfectly compliments their content creation style. If you’re a beginner, you need to start incorporating music that’s aligned with your style as well.

In this article, you’ll get all the relevant information about selecting the perfect music on YouTube for your channel. But first, let’s try and understand how background music can provide a boost to your videos.

Why do your YouTube videos need background music?

If you’re wondering why your YouTube videos need music, consider the following reasons:

Music inspires emotion

If you want your audience to feel for your content, you need to inspire emotion, which is something music excels at. For instance, if you have a penchant for creating high-energy content, you can use high-tempo music. There’s also subtle music for those slow-paced videos that can help your audience relax and contemplate.

Music boosts production value

These days, the production value is something that audiences on YouTube want from the content they watch. Your audio selection can go a long way toward enhancing the production value of your videos and making them more cohesive.

Music makes content dynamic and interesting

Background music is like an additional layer in your video that can make your videos more memorable. It can make certain moments stand out. For instance, a joke can be made more humorous through the addition of musical cues.

How to choose the right background music for your YouTube videos?

Now that you know all the reasons why background music is important, it’s time for you to learn how you can select the ideal background music for your YouTube content.

Determine the mood you want to set

As a content creator, you’d want to set a particular mood when it comes to a specific video. This can range from funny to mysterious to dramatic to entertaining to edgy. Once you’ve decided what kind of mood you want to set, it’s time to experiment with various pieces of music. Experimentation is important, as it’s unlikely that you’ll get the most suitable music right off the bat.

Know your audience

Apart from the mood you want your videos to create, it’s also important to know your audience’s tastes. For instance, if your audience is on the younger side, it’d be better to incorporate music that has elements of hip hop and electronic music. There are various analytics tools you can turn to for better understanding the musical sensibilities of audiences based on their age.

Set the budget

Budget plays an important role in terms of YouTube audio files you can use (and re-use). Having a big budget helps obviously, as you can get music custom-made from reputed producers. The best thing about custom-made music is that you can reuse it for commercial purposes as and when you want as it belongs to you. However, when using licensed music (for example, Creative Commons), you’ll have to abide by certain restrictions.


These days, there are various apps you can turn to as well for browsing through a mammoth musical catalog to figure out the type of music that works for you. So, keep exploring and experimenting, and you’re sure to find music that fits your videos.
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