How to Attribute Another Creator for Their Inspiration for Your Video?

How To Attribute Another Creator For Their Inspiration For Your Video?

YouTube is full of inspiring content creators, and it’s not wrong to incorporate others’ content into your videos. However, when you do, it’s important that you attribute the creators who’ve provided you with the inspiration for your video.

In this article, we’ll take you through all the steps through which you can attribute to other creators on YouTube. But first, let’s look at why video creator attribution is important on YouTube in the first place.

The importance of attribution on YouTube

Imagine this – you just watched a video on YouTube published by one of your favorite content creators, and you want to include certain information from the video in your content. In such a scenario, there are two possible things that you can do next:

  • Include the information without crediting the source
  • Include the information and credit the source

Doing the latter is what is known as content attribution. Quite simply, it’s a way through which you can give credit to the creator whose material inspired you. Attribution is one of the best ways to add credibility to YouTube content that you publish. It also gives your audience the opportunity to view your content from an objective perspective.

Of course, you can choose not to credit the source as well. However, this may lead to problems, especially if you present the information the same way it was presented in the source material. For starters, you may be accused of plagiarism, and worse still, your content may get copyright claimed and taken down from YouTube. So, when using or recycling information from content posted by other creators, it’s in your best interest to attribute.

If you don’t know how attribution works on YouTube, read on, as we’ll cover all the necessary steps you need to take in the next section.

How to attribute other content creators on YouTube

Now that you know all about the importance of attribution on YouTube, it’s time to look at all the steps you need to perform to attribute other creators on the platform. Attributions on YouTube happen via the ‘Mentions’ feature, i.e., mentioning other creators. You can do this either by mentioning other creators in the video title or in the description, or both.
Irrespective of where you want to mention the other creators, here’s what you need to do:

  • Type ‘@’
  • Immediately after the ‘@’ symbol, type the channel name of the creator you want to mention
  • Once you start typing the name, YouTube will provide suggestions.
  • Pick the right channel from the list of suggestions.
  • Remember to pick the channel from the list provided by YouTube, as not picking any channel from the list will render the mention void.

The process is the same for all devices – Android, PC, and iOS. Ideally, you should use the description section for mentioning other creators, as it offers much more in terms of space compared to the video title. There are no limits as to how many creators you can mention, apart from the respective character limits of the video title and description sections.

Viewers can tap on mentions to view creator info panels, which display channel info such as the channel descriptions and the videos most recently uploaded by the channels. Other content creators can mention your channel in the same way if they draw inspiration from your content for their videos. You can keep track of your channel’s mentions as well by going to the ‘Mentions’ tab after tapping on the Notification bell in the YouTube app or website.
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