How can Businesses Use YouTube to Manage Their Social Media Presence?

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YouTube doesn’t need any introduction. It is the second-largest search engine in the world. Every day, hours and hours of content is streamed on the platform. Today, it has become one of the most important tools for marketing. If you want your brand to stand out on this social media platform, you have to take advantage of promotional tactics. In this article, we will help you learn how you can use YouTube to manage your social media presence.

1. Add your business info

There is an About section in your YouTube account where you can add information about your brand, the services you offer, and more. You can also include the tagline of your company, along with your website. You should start with the business YouTube channel description. Make sure that it is short, straightforward, and catchy. In the description, you can also add your mission statement in a concise form with a few links and a call to action. There is also an “email for business inquiries” box where you can enter your email address.

In the Links section, you can add links to your business website, social media pages, or any other web pages that you want your viewers to see. You can add five links, along with 30 characters of hyperlink text. In the channel description, you can even add keywords that increase visibility in the searches.
By adding this information, you can make sure that your viewers have access to all the information they need about your brand and the products or services that you offer.

2. Use different format videos

If you post only one format of videos, it will get boring for your viewers. There are different styles that work for different niches. However, it is important to remember that not every single one of these formats will resonate with your audience. Here are some common formats that are popular on the platform:

  • Tutorial or How-to
  • Explainer
  • Product review
  • Screenshare
  • Interview
  • Talking head
  • Vlog

3. Create videos

The best part about YouTube marketing is that you don’t need expensive gear to create videos. As long as you have good lighting and audible sound, you will be good to go. However, you should invest in a tripod and video editing software. This way, you will be able to switch between shots and edit out any mistakes easily. Depending on the type of video you are creating, its length will vary. Some of these you can share on your other social media channels as well, such as Instagram and TikTok. Experiment with different lengths to see which works best for your audience.

4. Create testimonials

YouTube is a great platform for talking about the experience your customers have had with your company and products. It will help build your reputation. You can either request customers to shoot a video and post it online or capture one yourself. Share the links to their videos on your other social media channels.

For a great testimonial, you will need an introduction, the before scenario, the reason why the customer chose your brand, and the after. Such testimonials will help you stand out from the competition.

5. Partner with Influencers

YouTube influencers are popular personalities who have a huge following and engagement. Most of them have a specific niche, such as beauty or cooking. Some document their lives through vlogs. These YouTubers often work with corporate brands to promote their videos on their channel. They talk about your company and how amazing your products are. You can find YouTube in your niche, see if their rates are under your budget, and talk to them about a possible sponsorship.

It is important to remember that YouTube marketing is a learning process. You will have to experiment with different things to see what your audience likes. Over time, your audience will increase, and YouTube will become an integral part of your marketing strategy. If you need some help with increasing your reach on YouTube, you can opt for GoViral services. With their help, you will be able to get free YouTube views, free YouTube subscribers, and more. Once you lock that in, you can focus on creating content that best shows what your brand stands for.

How can Businesses Use YouTube to Manage Their Social Media Presence? by GoViral Writing Team,

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