Here’s Why You Should Consider Going YouTube Premium

Here's Why You Should Consider Going YouTube Premium

YouTube is one of the most popular video-streaming platforms. You can find videos on nearly any subject under the sun. For content creators, it’s also a source of reaching a global audience and earning a sizeable income. While the platform is free to use, YouTube Premium subscription plans are available and come with a host of benefits for subscribers.

Content creators also benefit from users subscribing to the Premium service. It may not help them directly by bringing in free YouTube likes or subscribers. However, it does help them earn revenue even if their users have blocked ads since otherwise, the primary source of income for YouTube content creators is displaying ads.

The various Premium plans

You can avail of the YouTube Premium benefits by subscribing to any of the available subscription plans. Following are the prices and benefits of each plan:

  • YouTube premium: The regular premium subscription comes with a free 1-month trial. From the second month, you will be charged $11.99 per month. You can get all the Premium benefits listed in the following section with this plan.
  • YouTube Premium Family: The Family plan also comes with all the listed benefits and costs $17.99. In addition, you can share the benefits with five other people living at the same address.
  • YouTube Premium Student: The Student plan comes with all the listed benefits (but no sharing benefit) but costs only $6.99 per month. However, you need to verify that you are a student to be eligible for this plan.

7 benefits you only get with YouTube Premium

By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you can get all the following benefits as long as your subscription is active:

1. No ads

Arguably the best benefit of buying a subscription is being able to watch all the content you want without the interruption of ads. You also contribute to creators’ income while enjoying an ad-free experience.

2. Multitasking

You can switch between multiple apps or lock your screen while your video continues to play in the background. This allows you to multitask effectively without having to pause what you’re watching or listening to.

3. Get YouTube Music and Play Music bundled

When you pay for YouTube Premium, you can enjoy YouTube Music Premium and Play Music in the same subscription. So, you can also enjoy Play Music’s vast library of music and podcasts along with their other features.

4. High-resolution downloads

You can download videos to your phone even with the free plan. However, your Premium plan allows you to download them in resolutions as high as 1080p, which you cannot access with the free plan. This is especially helpful if you have high-speed Wi-Fi at home but a poor network when you step out for work or leisure.

5. Access to YouTube originals

You can unlock all the exclusive shows, documentaries, or movies made by exclusive creators by purchasing any one of the Premium plans. Please note that this is not the same as YouTube TV – that is a separate app and has a separate subscription.

6. Access to YouTube Gaming and Kids

Just like Play Music and YouTube Music Premium, the other two popular YouTube apps – Gaming and Kids – are also bundled into the YouTube Premium subscription. You can also download videos in the Kids app to use when you’re in an area with a poor network.


While you can always enjoy YouTube for free, upgrading to Premium with any of the available plans opens up a host of benefits available only for Premium members.

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