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Simply register, then login and visit the “Earn Coins” section to begin watching videos. Each video you watch, like, comment and subscribe on will earn you coins.

Once you have coins to spend, import your videos in the “My Videos” section and choose the quantity of subscribers, views, likes and comments you want to receive on each video.

Submit your orders and sit back while our network delivers everything!

Continue earning coins for free so you can order more services to your videos, or visit “Buy Coins” to purchase them instead.

Yes, we do! Simply login and visit “Invite & Earn More” to find your unique referral URL.

Every person you refer to our network who registers an account and earns coins will earn you 10% commission.

This means, if you refer 10 people who each earn 1,000 coins (10,000 coins total), you will automatically be rewarded with 10% of that, which is 1,000 coins.

Referring users to GoViral is the easiest and most effortless way for you to automatically earn coins from the efforts of your referrals.

The best strategies to refer users with your unique URL include:

1. Post a YouTube video about GoViral.

2. Email/message your friends and colleagues who also have YouTube channels.

3. Write a blog post about GoViral on your website.

4. Share your unique referral URL on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

5. Word of mouth.

6. Get creative! There are countless ways you can refer users to GoViral!

All services that our network delivers is entirely completed by the community of registered GoViral users who complete actions to earn coins. This means that the speed in which each service is delivered differs based on the traffic we receive, as well as orders that are in our network at any given moment. Sometimes they are delivered very quickly and sometimes they are delivered at a slower pace.

If you want your orders to be delivered quicker, you should login and visit the “Membership” page, where you can upgrade to the Gold or Platinum plans for a fee and receive “Prioritized Transactions”.

The Gold and Platinum plans will put your videos ahead of the others to receive your services much quicker!


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