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Truly Free To Use!

Truly Free To Use!

Experience a premium quality service for free with options to upgrade for a fee.

Gives You Free Views, Likes, Subscribers & Comments

Gives You Free Views, Likes, Subscribers & Comments

Our network allows you to quickly and easily gain free subscribers, views, likes and comments. Everything you need!

Automated YouTube Growth

Automated YouTube Growth

Enter your videos into our network and input the quantity of each service you want to receive. Then, walk away and let our network automatically deliver everything to you.

Improves Organic Growth

Improves Organic Growth

Gaining subscribers, views, likes and comments help increase your search rankings, which help increase your organic growth and engagement.

Saves You Time

Saves You Time

Focus on your content and passion while our network delivers engagement to your channel and videos.

Super Easy To Use

Super Easy To Use

Our interface is user friendly and self explanatory. Login, import your videos, select the quantities of subscribers, views, likes and comments to receive and you’re done!

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Earn Coins

Earn coins by watching videos and engaging with them.

Earn Coins

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Spend your coins to receive free views, likes, subscribers and comments.

Spend Your Coins

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Get Results

Sit back while you receive subscribers, views, likes and comments!

Get Results

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Get Free YouTube Views and Earn Valuable Business Returns with YouTube Marketing

Free YouTube Views

Are you looking to grow your business and maximize your business profits? You must make use of video marketing. No contemporary business marketing strategy is complete today without a plan for video marketing. After all, when it comes to content marketing, videos register the highest ROIs. No matter what your specific goals behind engaging with video marketing, the exercise is sure to deliver.

Video marketing is well-recognized in marketing circles for its ability to both drive customer engagement and to generate leads for your business. If you still haven’t included video marketing into your content marketing plan, it is time you did so. Video marketing is only going to scale higher altitudes in the near future and make available a range of marketing benefits for your business.

Why choose YouTube for hosting your business marketing video content

We cannot possibly speak of online videos and not mention YouTube. The video hosting and sharing website have become synonymous with online video content. In fact, most people are unaware, but YouTube happens to be the world’s second-most popular search engine. In other words, you have a ready audience on the website, and uploading marketing video content on YouTube helps you rank higher in terms of SEO as well. Earning YouTube views on your YouTube business channel can help you better your brand’s visibility and improve its reach. So, why would you possibly want to pick any other video hosting website to upload your marketing video content to?

Measurable data-backed benefits of YouTube marketing

In this section, we take a detailed look at all the advantages you receive when you choose YouTube as your preferred platform for sharing videos for marketing your business:

  • Unbelievable exposure – YouTube is the king of all video-sharing web services. Users from age 15-55 access the platform on a regular basis. It is safe to say that a video can help you get noticed. However, there’s a ton of video content on the website, and you need to be able to craft quality optimized videos to make sure they don’t get lost in the sea of all the numerous videos hosted there. Earning views for your video content can prove to be hard work. For this reason, if you can find a way to get free YouTube views for your business YouTube channel, you should seize it readily.
  • High traffic – YouTube registers high user traffic throughout the day. Its billion-strong user population watches over a billion hours of videos on the web-hosting magnate. The free video-hosting service is able to reach a wider spectrum of audiences than cable television. It offers businesses with a low-cost dissemination strategy for the marketing videos they produce. If used correctly, you too could rank billions of views on your marketing video content, guaranteeing a stream of incoming business for your brand.
  • Potential for virality – YouTube offers businesses with a lot of potential for making their video content go viral. You can place your video content in several other marketing communications, such as blending it into your blog post or sharing its link in a LinkedIn discussion forum.
  • Improved SEO – Ever since Google acquired YouTube, the search engine ranks websites with YouTube video content higher on its search engines. In other words, not only does building your video content strategy around YouTube helps you win views that profit your YouTube marketing, but it also benefits your overall digital marketing efforts. When the SEO ranking for your business website is enhanced, your brand web page automatically registers higher page-views.
  • Easy integration with social media marketing – Nothing works as effectively for social media marketing than shareable video content. When you create a high-value marketing video for your business on YouTube, you enjoy the flexibility of sharing it onto your social media pages. More people are likely to view videos on social media platforms that appear on their news feeds than search out your business channel. If they find your video content likable on social media, they will readily share it with their friends and acquaintances via their personal social media handles. YouTube, then, allows you to combine the benefits of video marketing and social media marketing into one high-results driven marketing strategy.
  • International reach – YouTube enjoys popularity all over the world. It is operational in 88 countries and is offered in 76 diverse languages. No other web video hosting service can extend your business marketing videos the global reach that YouTube can. When you get free YouTube views and successfully increase view-count for your brand marketing videos on YouTube, you provide it with a bearing of social sanction. Audiences are more receptive to a video with high view-count than they are to a video that seems to have been watched by fewer people before them.

How to get started with YouTube marketing

Now that you’re ready to dabble into YouTube Marketing, we thought you could use a guide on how to get started. YouTube Marketing can seem cumbersome for beginners who haven’t used the video-hosting and sharing service as a marketing tool. Effective YouTube Marketing involves a handful of tasks that need your due attention and care. You need to know how to create a YouTube channel for best results and optimize the videos you create on YouTube to rank high on search engines online. You also need to understand how to manage and operate YouTube advertising campaigns, as well as analyze the metrics made available by YouTube’s video analytics.

Below, we share pointers on how you can begin your YouTube video marketing journey effectively to profit your brand’s business.

Creating and operating a business YouTube channel

If you wish to receive optimal benefits from your YouTube business marketing, opt for a Brand Account on Google to sign up for YouTube than using your personal account. A Brand Account will enable multiple people to sign in to your brand’s YouTube account, and not just the person who has created it. If you use your personal Google account, your YouTube account user name will be the one you have already specified for yourself on Google. Creating and managing multiple YouTube channels simultaneously becomes a seamless experience with a Brand Account, which you will benefit from as your business grows.

Effective content creation is barely ever possible without adequate research. If you want your YouTube videos to perform well, learn a little about the demographics of your YouTube audience. Which culture do the majority of them hail from, what is their age range, and how are they choosing to consume your content? Acquainting yourself with this information will help you produce higher-converting targeted YouTube video marketing content. If you’ve already published video content on your brand’s YT channel, you can use the website’s Analytics tab to learn about your audience demographics and behavior. Look for overlaps in audience demographics with your followers on other social media pages. It should help you with your overall marketing content creation.

Compare and assess the performance of your brand on YouTube with that of your competitors. Look at the views on their videos and the number of subscribers on their channels. You can then set benchmarks for the performance of your YouTube marketing videos accordingly. You may also want to notice the keywords they have used and the content descriptions they have provided for inspiration to craft your videos. That said, always be original in your approach. Keeping a tab on trending videos on YouTube is also a good practice, which will help you glean tips and tricks for creating high-performing video content.

Optimizing YouTube video content for best results

YouTube is a video search engine that ranks its content based on keywords, titles, descriptions, and so on, the same as any other search engine. If you wish to have your YouTube video content found easily and get free YouTube views by default, you will want to optimize the videos you create for the hosting service. YouTube’s recommendation algorithm suggests videos to audiences based on their viewing preferences. You can notch up a high view count for the videos you create by conducting basic keyword research on YT and crafting related video content for high-performing keywords. All you have to do is –

  • Come up with a strong title with relevant keywords which will be accepted readily by the YouTube algorithm. Try not to be spammy or follow click-bait style writing; it will inevitably lead to poor SEO for your YouTube video.
  • Customize your video thumbnail. Your video thumbnail is among the first things that the audience notices about your YouTube video. An attractive eye-grabbing thumbnail will encourage people to click on and play your YouTube video content. Make this thumbnail as high-resolution as possible for the best results.
  • Write a clear and concise video description. People are more likely to play a video and keep watching it till the end if they can ascertain that the subject of the video is of interest to them. A keyword-rich video description for your video will make your video more appealing for viewers and help retain them through the runtime.
  • Include CTAs in the form of cards, watermarks, and bumper ads. You want the audience of your promotional YouTube video to take action in favor of your business. Subtly inserting these elements into your YouTube brand marketing video content can give your video audience the push they need to enter your business sales funnel.

Encourage your YouTube audience to like, share, and subscribe your videos. It drives engagement and influences your rank in the YouTube algorithm favorably.

An effective and high-performing YouTube content marketing strategy is one that regularly re-assesses itself and remodels itself to make it compatible with audience needs and desires. It also keeps pace with the latest market trends. When you create a YouTube channel for your business, you will do well to draw up and follow a video publishing schedule to organize your video marketing efforts.

You may also want to highlight your content further by adding captions to them, organizing them into playlists, and fashioning a trailer for your YouTube channel. You can diversify your video content portfolio on YouTube by creating different kinds of videos to market your brand. For example, you can upload a Customer Experience video blog for every couple of explainer videos you develop for your channel.

Influencer marketing is currently registering high success. You could tie up a partnership with popular YouTubers to popularize your brand’s YouTube video channel or have notable influencers share your videos on other social media. The trick to operating a well-liked YouTube channel is to assess the performance of your YouTube video content periodically and make changes as desired to update it with the times. Several tools, such as Canva and Channelview, are available online, which can aid and enhance your marketing efforts. If you wish to step up your video marketing on YT, you may consider employing them as well.


To sum up, YouTube marketing seems like a no-brainer when you intend to step into the world of video marketing. While there are several video hosting and sharing services offered for free online such as Vimeo and DailyMotion, none can quite rival the reach and ease-of-use offered by YouTube. YouTube offers a globally popular video hosting and sharing website with a simple, no-hassle interface that even rank beginners can use to upload their video content. Today, YouTube is also one of the most-used websites in all of the digital media. You would do well by harnessing its potential to reach a wider audience for your brand.

We’ve detailed above all the steps that you can follow to develop a productive YouTube marketing strategy for your business. If you think you’d benefit from added assistance in establishing a successful YouTube business channel, you’ve come to the right place. Get free YouTube views and boost your business video marketing in the best way possible. If you want your audience to look forward to content produced by your brand’s YouTube channel, you can count on our experience and expertise to help. Grow your YouTube audience and your business clients in the same breath!

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The best strategies to refer users with your unique URL include:

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6. Get creative! There are countless ways you can refer users to GoViral!

All services that our network delivers is entirely completed by the community of registered GoViral users who complete actions to earn coins. This means that the speed in which each service is delivered differs based on the traffic we receive, as well as orders that are in our network at any given moment. Sometimes they are delivered very quickly and sometimes they are delivered at a slower pace.

If you want your orders to be delivered quicker, you should login and visit the “Membership” page, where you can upgrade to the Gold or Platinum plans for a fee and receive “Prioritized Transactions”.

The Gold and Platinum plans will put your videos ahead of the others to receive your services much quicker!

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